Single Homecoming mum #homecomingmumsdiy
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Single Homecoming mum #homecomingmumsdiy

Single Homecoming mum | Etsy

This is a single basic mum. This mum includes: The Basic Single Mum Includes: 1- 7 inch Flower 36 inch Ribbons – (school colors) Crazy Loops or regular loops for head 1- 5 inch or 2- 3.5 inch Bears 4 Metallic Ribbons 1 Printed Ribbon 1 Custom Braid Curling Ribbon 1 Student Name- Loops (Block Lettering) Looped Homecoming Letters 1 Decorated Ribbon 1 Metallic Garland 1 Large Trinket 8 Trinkets 2 Bells You are able to add on a boa, lights, more trinkets and more. Please let me know if you would like to add something to you mum to make it mum-tastic!!


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