Homecoming Mum for Junior - Triple Homecoming Mum #homecomingmumsdiy
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Homecoming Mum for Junior - Triple Homecoming Mum #homecomingmumsdiy

Homecoming Mum for Junior | Free shipping on Etsy

If you had the time to make a fabulous mum, this is the mum you'd make! The heart-shape triple flower head is a favorite for sweethearts and juniors. It features a sweet, soft bear with a bow. This mum has four premium braids trimmed in bling and two boas. To make it super personal it includes three custom cut words, choose names, team, position, grade, whatever means a lot to the wearer! It also features permanently adhered heat transfer glitter vinyl lettering on the loops. Select silver or gold for trinket accent. To see the rest of my triple mums, click here, https://etsy.me/2Gr2UtC


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