Treading on time… Devon Tread 1 #monochromewatches
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Treading on time… Devon Tread 1 #monochromewatches

Treading on time… Devon Tread 1 - Monochrome Watches

While I'm no big fan of batteries in watches, even if they looks absolutely cool, our contributor Robin doesn't know these kind of inhibitions. He share his views on the Devon Thread 1 and who knows, maybe there will be a review some day ;) Scott Devon, a genuine all-round entrepreneur and heir to frozen-food millions, is living the good life. Pretty much doing everything he sets his mind to, Scott Devon started a racing team, tried but failed to purchase the Viper-brand, went on to develop a record breaking sports car, designed and built motorcycles, launched a denim clothing line, and has ventured into the watch world a number of years ago. And boy did he come out swinging!


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